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We train everyone from beginners to

national level riders. 

Individualized goals help guide our training plans - we take into account

both the riders and the horses abilities.  

Are you looking for a more intensive training option?

You can come and train with your own horse with us! 

Stall Piirala’s GOAL -training package  

Together with the rider, we come up with a comprehensive training plan that covers competitions, overall well-being of your horse, as well as lodging in addition to regular coaching. 

What people
are saying

„ Mikko helped me from young horses classes to up to 140cm-level with me and my horse starting at 3 years old. 

Some days I fell of twice during one lesson and when I look back now, it was especially Mikko's patience and his ability to adapt every training session to our daily needs that helped motivate me.


I ended up every training in the past six years with a positive result and attitude and I am very thankful for Mikko's advice as a trainer as well as his commitment, his helpfulness, and his compassion.“



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