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True horsemanship develops with experience.

There's no deeper feeling than the ability to be able to read and evaluate a horse and make the necessary choices for them for their future.


Experience with different types of horses is the foundation for training - you evaluate the young horse as an individual and systematically do the things that are needed to succeed in competitions in the future.


My goal is to develop my horses into quality competition partners with their rider. 

Stall Piirala EXPERIENCE - training package includes

- Goals set together with the owner of the horse. 

- Full day to day upkeep of the horse

- Daily or as needed exercise of the horse

- Participation in practice competitions (any additional costs inquired during the competition are not included) 

- Detailed and timely reporting on progress if the owner does not live in the area. 



 I have competed with and trained over 100 horses

in just Germany over the years including numerous young horses all the way to international events  -

Laby Gabbana to Grand Prix level

Cayenne to 150cm level

Clabimba to 145cm level

Spetzünder to 140cm level

Chairman (Niclas Aromaa) to 140 cm level

Elwood (Carsten Otto Nagel) to 140 cm level

Mikko and Stakkadero in World Championship for Young Horses

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